Our STARS Are All About You

When it comes to finding the best financial or tax solution for your situation, we use what we call our STARS approach to help you achieve your goals. Like a five-star chef, our seasoned financial planners and strategists combine these STARS ingredients to create a personalized five-star recipe for your unique situation.

STARS Stands For:

Strategy Diversification

We use a blend of tactical and strategic investment approaches.

Tax Efficiency

We develop a plan to reduce your taxes in retirement. The plan typically includes strategies to minimize or eliminate income taxes on your Social Security.

Actively Manage to Limit Large Draw Downs

We use a blend of tactical managers who actively look to move to safer ground when the markets are correcting.

Risk Avoidance

We seek to understand your Unique Risk Profile then use solutions that fall within your tolerance for risk.

Social Security Optimization

We develop a retirement plan that optimizes your After Tax Social Security cash flow.


  • To always place your best interests as the foundation of the services we provide.
  • To conduct our business according to the highest standards of honesty and integrity.
  • To work within a tax efficient mindset that will result in an integrated and customized solution for you.
  • To only recommend services and products that best fit your stated objectives and risk profile.
  • To invest any funds that you entrust to us in a sound and prudent manner.
  • To communicate with you in a timely and accurate manner on matters requiring attention.
  • To periodically review your financial progress to ensure that your financial plan evolves with the stages of your life.